ENERGIUM is an innovative R&D leading company.

Core R&D Technologies

 Specialists in System Engineering Technology
Robotic Automation, JIG and fixture

 Mechanic Application Technology Expertise
Robotics, Sensing, Servo Motion Control

 Experience in Software Application Technology
Embedded application, RIA based web service

 Skilled in Networking Control Technology

Various standard networking for industry

 Development management practices

DFSS development process

 Emphasis on analytical knowledge

Structural analysis

 Investment in marketing strategy planning

New product development, marketing planning

 Years of accumulated design knowledge
Industrial and visual design; Brochure, Copywriting

We invest heavily in research and developement


The R&D Centre is the core of the ENERGIUM company.
More than 50% of ENERGIUM's staff are research engineers.

ENERGIUM is an innovative R&D leading company

Milestone Procedure,
risk management.

Efficient response to
consumer needs.

ISO 9001: 2008

Profession Know-how