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Key Software and Its Functions


Collection Program

A program that collects and processes patient and phlebotomy information from the hospital’s HIS and transfers the processed information.

MWT Program

Assists easy and convenient checking and recording (information update) of phlebotomy information for GNT system users.

Control Program

Conducts storing of phlebotomy and patient information in GNT storage received from Collection program and it transfers stored information to BA(Barcode Applicator) and WLD (Waiting List Display) Program.

Waiting List Display


Conducts displaying of patient waitlist on WLD monitor in sequential order by receiving information from Control program.

Statistics Program

Provides various statistical graphical representation to GNT System users (phlebotomists) by utilizing phlebotomy data stored in GNT storage.

Queue Number Display

Conducts patient waitlist on QND monitor by receiving information from MWT program.

GNT Series Added Components and Its Functions

WLD(Waiting List Display)

Display monitor for patient to understand the status (waiting, calling) at the waiting place.

QND(Queue Number Display)

Display device by alarming and display the patient queue number which lead patient to the MWT.