BIW Robot Gripper

Simplified working process vastly reduces working time.

Establishment of efficient environment means workers spend less time on trival work

Why are our BIW Robot Grippers a hit with major automotive companies?

Our customers include Hyundai and Kia motors in Korea, U.S.A., China, and Slovakia.They know they can rely on Energium’s systematic product management and competitive prices.
We have extensive expertise in factory automation using industrial robots. One of our specialties is robot grippers for BIW (Body in white).

What type of grippers do we design and produce?

Our grippers work on the main lines of BIW and sub-assembly lines(hoods, doors, tail gates, underbodies, roof assembly, body sides, and fender assemblies).
We have a long track record of producing various types of systems that work on a turnkey basis and also individual end effectors.
What type of grippers do we design and produce?

We are experts in industrial robots

for factory automation